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Grassroots Recycling: Community-Driven (& Wine-Fueled)

Did you know that many cities across America don't make it easy to recycle glass? Yup, you might want to check out your local recycling rules because they vary from city to city. Learn about your city's specific rules at:

After learning that a single piece of glass in a recycling bin in New Orleans would cause the entire load to be sent to the landfill where it would never decompose, seniors at Tulane University launched Glass Half Full in the backyard of a nearby frat house. The entirely volunteer-run organization recycles NOLA’s dropped-off glass into sand and glass cullet for disaster relief and prevention, coastal restoration, eco-construction, new glass products, etc.

Although Glass Half Full only started in February 2020, the wine-fueled idea of college students has grown into one of the largest community driven recycling initiatives in the world. A little over one year later, thanks to the community's support and generosity, Glass Half Full has moved from a backyard into a 40,000 square-foot warehouse, building out the first comprehensive, grassroots recycling and processing facility.

While city's recycling situation might not be as dire as New Orleans, there is still much to be said about America's recycling program. Is there a business or organization near you that would be willing to collect a typically hard-to-recycle item in your community? Post a bulletin on your neighborhood's NextDoor page and voila, you've started your own initiative to help your community and your planet. More so, this could be an excellent high school, community service, or youth group project as well!

Learn more about Glass Half Full and get the organization's drop-off schedule at:

Donate to their community-driven efforts at :


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