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Join the #BlackFridayBlackout strike : Don't Shop or Work this Friday, November 26th!

#DYK that employees are often abused and mistreated by customers, especially on #BlackFriday? Employees have become increasingly more productive, working more hours, while their compensation has stagnated. No longer can a single income support a household, in fact, because of inflation our buying power is diminished on a day-to-day basis. With workers leaving inadequate jobs in droves, it's more possible than ever to get better compensation for work. Some retail employees are calling to Blackout Black Friday to win more benefits and respect for employees nationwide!

Want to participate in the Black Friday Blackout strike but don't know how?

#ThisIsHowYouCan join the chillest strike ever! This Friday, November 26th, all you have to do is stay home and not shop.That's seriously it. By abstaining from both work and/or shopping (and encouraging people in your community to do the same), you're participating in the #BlackFridayBlackout!

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