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Combat Climate Change

The way it's phrased, you'd think climate change was a foreboding villain - ominously looming in the distance. Unfortunately, we're well beyond that point. Climate change is here and getting worse at a rate much faster than we're currently prepared to deal with it. We all can be doing more to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are 3 ways that YOU can help combat climate change's negative impact on our planet.

We all know the basics of living an environmentally-friendly life. In addition to eating less meat and swapping plastic for reusable options, I've broken down a few ways you do more to live sustainably and help our planet.

GIVE: These top-rated organizations are fighting climate change on multiple fronts to protect the earth for future generations.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is considered to be one of the more influential non-profits in the climate change area, climate adaptation changes at all levels of government and across sectors.

The Environmental Defense Fund uses a multidisciplinary approach to tackle these environmental problems and avoid duplicating efforts already done by other organizations. Their efforts are backed by two million members and a staff of 700 scientists, policy experts, economists, and professionals around the world.

The Rocky Mountain Institute creates global market-based solutions to help businesses, governments, and markets embrace clean energy and slow global warming. Their efforts include research that resulted in new U.S. fuel-efficiency standards for trucks, projected to cut over one billion tons of CO2 emissions. is a global organization fighting against climate change, focused primarily on challenging the fossil fuel industry. They're also one of the major organizations behind the upcoming Global Climate Strike in September.

LEARN: Take in a film and help fight the misinformation that surrounds the climate change discussion. Since An Inconvenient Truth's premiere in 2006, there have been a plethora of incredible documentaries produced that illuminate the visible effects of global warming and humans' impact on the environment. Look at the world from a different perspective with: Chasing Ice, More Than Honey, and Ice On Fire (HBO).

ACT: We all know to reduce, reuse, and recycle - but we can't stop there. Here are a few different ways you can take action to live more sustainably and help in the fight on climate change. is one of the premier nonprofit public interest environmental law organization, considering itself "Earth's lawyer." You can check out their active legal proceedings and support their efforts at:

Beyond limiting your cheeseburger intake, you can also make a profound impact on the environment by taking steps to reduce the amount of food you waste. Learn more at:

Join the Climate Strikes starting on September 20 – three days out from the UN’s climate emergency summit and continuing on September 27. These Climate Strikes won’t solve the climate crisis alone. What this moment can do is demonstrate that people are no longer willing to continue with business as usual. Sign up for more info at:

Have an idea on how to help with this issue or a different cause? Email with a subject line that includes your cause and whether your suggestion involves donating (GIVE), taking action (ACT), or bringing more awareness to the cause (LEARN).

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