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Care for Your or Someone Else's Coronavirus Anxiety

If you’re feeling anxiety about the spread of coronavirus —and the socioeconomic uncertainty that comes with it—you are not alone. 

This is a confusing and overwhelming time for many. And if you’re one of the 1 in 4 people who have already been struggling with a mental health disorder, it can be even harder. 

The team at Shine, in partnership with Mental Health America, have vetted and compiled a wealth of research-backed and helpful tools for you—articles, meditations, access to mental health experts, anxiety screenings, and more. Think of the website as your (frequently updated) mental health toolkit during this time.

Seeking help is a strength—not a weakness. Mental health matters. Whether you utilize Shine's Virus Anxiety toolkit and resources, or you share it with a loved one, bookmark the page: You never know who might need it.

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