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This September 14th, 2021 - Vote NO in California Recall Election

Fun Fact: You Can Still Dislike Gavin Newsom & Ensure Isn't Turned Over to Right Wing Extremists

Screenshots of post from @Travon on Instagram. Can see at:

The California recall election is right around the corner and not enough people are scared enough of the possibilities. There are no major candidates running in the recall election, you either vote to keep Newsom or vote for one of 46 Republican candidates including celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, right wing extremists such as Larry Elder, and other media figures, politicians, and activists.

"If more than 50% of voters say that yes, Newsom will be removed from office. The whoever has the most votes among the replacement candidates - no matter how few and even if they don't win a majority of any vote - will become the governor of California in late October and remain in office for the rest of Newsom's term.

If this sounds ridiculous and massively undemocratic, it is because it is. Newsom could be recalled 51-49, and then a new Governor could be elected, with 20% of support from voters. It is an incredibly broken system, and the recall supporters recognized that, and exploited this opportunity.

Even if you are upset with Newsom for some reason, or even have mixed feelings, we need to turn out to vote and oppose this recall. None of the others running are qualified, and many are very far right wing extremists.

Putting the state of California, at such a critical time for our recovery, in the hands of a right wing extremist is reckless and dangerous. Newsom has led at one of the most difficult times in our state's history. You may not agree with every decision, but he's left our state with an economic surplus, he's led us to one of the country's most successful vaccine programs -- he supports workers, public education, social and racial justice, and health care for all - the others running against him do not. He does not deserve in any way to be recalled." - Matt Haney


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