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Support Asian American Communities & #StopAsianHate

Since the pandemic’s start, hate crimes against Asian Americans have spiked over 1900%. These incidents often target grandmothers, young children, and other vulnerable Asian Americans, yet many of these incidents have not been classified as racial hate crimes.

According to Stop AAPI Hate, in the last 11 months, there were over 2,800 reports of anti-Asian hate crimes. This doesn’t even include cases that go unreported out of fear or language barriers.

Here are just some of the atrocities recently experienced by Asian and Asian Americans in the United States:

The latest upsurge in white supremacy-based violence in the US is the latest in a history of injustices against Asian Americans at the hand of our government. There is a long history of racism in the US against Asian Americans; from the internment camps for Japanese Americans during the Second World War to "yellow peril" to the myth of the "model minority" to the Chinese Exlusion Act in the late 19th century.

We cannot and will not stand on the side lines. COVID-19 did not create this racism and fear, but it did awaken it to unmistaken and unabashed levels. #ThisIsHowYouCan support our friends, neighbors, and Asian American communities:

LEARN: Educate yourself, friends and family on the issues facing Asian Americans today. One of which is that Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Are Up 1900%. We need to talk about it. Additionally Hate Is A Virus has curated a great book list for your next read:

TAKE ACTION: Check out Hollaback’s guide to de-escalate hate in public. Sign up to receive your free Guide to Bystander Intervention. They've educated over 11,000 individuals on how to take action when you see street harassment. Caring for each other is a radical act of justice. If you see something, say something! Report a hate crime to StopAAPIHate (in English and Asian languages) on a national level. Major metropolises have hate crime/reporting hotlines.

  • Los Angeles: DIAL 211 (available in 140 languages)

  • New York: Text 'HATE' to 81335 or call (888) 392-3644

  • San Francisco: Call SFPD's Hate Crime Hotline at (510) 637-4283 or the San Francisco Human Rights at (415) 252-2500

GIVE: Amplify trusted organizations by donating to their efforts


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