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Stock Your Local Community Fridge & Fight Food Insecurity

Supporting your local community fridge or food bank?

Here are some considerations to think about before shopping & dropping off your donated goods to make sure your generosity gets the most mileage.

  1. Everyone avoids Kraft Mac & Cheese in the box - but it needs milk and butter which isn't always available at food banks.

  2. Boxed milk is treasured. Kids can use it on cereal, which is always stocked at food banks.

  3. Pasta & canned tomato sauce are also commonly stocked, so other options are valued more.

  4. Canned foods should be pop tops or donate a can opener too.

  5. Oil is valued, luxurious and cheap. Choose a variety and stock up! Rice A Roni requires oil and is also a commonly donated item.

  6. Other highly appreciated items: spices, salt, pepper, sugar, flour, tea bags, coffee, dishwashing liquid and detergent,

  7. Understocked perishable items: fresh meat, ground beef (for Hamburger Helper), sandwich bread, eggs, butter or margarine,

  8. Overstocked items: Hamburger Helper, Rice A Roni, Peanut Butter & Jelly,

  9. Birthday kits are an easy and fun way to support, just add some cake mix, frosting, and candles!

  10. Feminine hygiene products (already over-taxed) are rarely purchased and highly appreciated.

And when in doubt? Find your local food bank and donate directly. They'll pick up any missing items that are helpful and needed.


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