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Protect Voting Rights

How convenient that corporations publicly support Black lives and Black voters when it is good marketing for them, yet continue to underhandedly support politicians currently pushing voter suppression bills that will impact those very Black communities.

The Georgia Legislature recently passed #SB241 & #HB531, some of the worst voter suppression bills that will erase historic gains of expanding voting access. #ThisIsHowYouCan hold these corporations accountable for their superficial support for Black lives and demand they put their money where their "mouths" are.

Live in Georgia? Click here to tell your legislators how much you don't approve of HB531.

Don't live in Georgia and still want to protect voting rights and fight blatant voter suppression? Here are three ways you can make a difference from anywhere in the world.

1. Contact these organizations and demand corporate accountability! Black Voters Matter has provided an easy to read script to say on your calls contacting corporations who are funding politicians behind voter suppression bills.

2. Sign the Corporate Accountability for Anti Voting Bills petition.

3. Go above and beyond and sign up for text banking with Black Voters Matters to get the most up-to-date information on their corporate pressure campaign.

Join the Black Votes Matters Fund in urging corporations to support GA voters! Take action now. Visit:


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