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How to Start "Stooping" & Other Innovative Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Aimed at making news and topics across sustainability accessible to all, Green Matters is one of my favorite places to get news on all things sustainability and environment. You can also follow them on their various social media platforms for quick tips and facts if you don't want another newsletter in your inbox.

Like, did you know that tea bags contain plastic? But, I mean.....WHERE? I purposefully DON'T buy the individually wrapped ones, and I'm still screwing up? I've also learned some fun new words thanks to the eco-friendly website, such as "stooping" which is a NYC-specific phrase, but sounds better than "sidewalking" so I vote we all adopt it.

Anyways, here are some recent articles I read and thoroughly enjoyed:

  1. The Olympics Have a Higher Environmental Impact Than You Might Think For someone who isn't know for their sports fanaticism, I've always liked the Olympics. Until this year, between Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension, an alleged rapist on the U.S. fencing team, the ridiculous "ROC" , and the persistence of racist, sexist, and ableist policies - I'm a little over it. Not an Olympics fan? Now, you can add anti-environmentalism to the list of reasons why.

  2. One New Yorker’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure, Thanks to “Stooping” Have you heard about Stooping NYC? The Instagram account helps New Yorkers rescue free furniture found on the sidewalk before it goes to the landfill.

  3. Clever Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer Without Electricity With temperatures reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the world, it's safe to say that we’re approaching a new age of summer heat waves. Unfortunately, the most common air conditioning methods become somewhat counterproductive after a while.

  4. Deadheading: The Subtle Science Behind Pruning Your Dead Flowers No, this article is not about a Halloween-themed Grateful Dead band - we can only dream. But also, who adopted too many plants over quarantine besides me?

  5. This Is How Often You Should Wash Your Reusable Water Bottle Fun fact: your reusable water bottle probably has more bacteria in it than your pet’s bowl does. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm going to go throw up now.


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