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Host a Virtual Voting Party to Learn About Ballot Measures

Okay, you've updated your voter registration and requested your absentee/mail-in ballot. Now what? As important as it is to get #45 out of office, local elections and measures are incredibly vital to policy change.

Plan a video call party to learn about the measures on your ballot! Breaking up the work makes the research behind your ballot manageable. That way, you’re not panicked on election day trying to make on-the-spot decisions.

STEP 1: Create invitations for video call event and invite your local friends and family to participate.

STEP 2: Distribute the measures and electable positions fairly based on the number of attendees who RSVP & ballot measures. Ask for a volunteer to help you take notes.

STEP 3: Create an agenda so that each ballot measure and candidate for local positions can be discussed thoroughly and thoughtfully - while also keeping everyone on schedule. You might need to plan for a second meeting for the following week because Who needs yet another three hour Zoom meeting? Not me. Don't forget to schedule at least one bathroom/refill break!

STEP 4: Facilitate the voting party based on your attendees. Lay out some ground rules at the start of your "party" to create a safe space for attendees and get everyone on the same page. Come up with a plan to defuse tension, should conflict arise. Ensure that conversation stays on track and that everyone that wants to speak feels heard.

STEP 5: Compile any notes taken and distribute to all attendees along with a thank you for participating.


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