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Honor Those Fighting Cancer on World Cancer Day

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Cancer affects everyone. It doesn’t discriminate against a particular age, gender, sexual preference, political party or religion. Instead, it has the power to devastate entire families. This #WorldCancerDay let’s honor those who have fought and won, those who have tried valientes but lost their battles, those constantly supporting loved ones, and those dedicating their lives to researching potential cures. Would you like to make a positive impact? This is how you can.

LEARN: The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a specialized department of the World Health Organization (WHO), has created a fascinating, interactive, and easy to navigate web-based platform. From current statistics on cancer rates to individual prevention tactics, the Global Cancer Observatory is one of the best ways to learn about the current state of cancer worldwide and what is being done to protect the our futures. Learn more at:

ACT: Valentine’s Day is coming up. You know what’s worse than celebrating alone? Celebrating in the hospital. This year St. Jude's will continue their wonderful digital Valentine’s Day card program and you can still take part! Take five minutes out of your day to create an e-card for a child at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They’ll print out and deliver the cards to the kids on Valentines Day. Create your card at:…/other-ways/valentines-day.html.

Feel like doing something bigger than a Valentine's card for children with cancer? Consider donating your hair to Locks of Love!

GIVE: Donate your coffee money to the Cancer Research Institute, a international non-profit organization that “funds the full spectrum of immunology research, from lab to clinic to cure.” The organization has invested almost $385 million dollars in immunology research around the globe because they (and the 3,000+ scientists who work with them) believe that all cancers can be potentially treated with immunotherapy! Support CRI's international efforts at:

Have an idea on how to help with this issue or a different cause? Email with a subject line that includes your cause and whether your suggestion involves donating (GIVE), taking action (ACT), or bringing more awareness to the cause (LEARN).

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