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Giving You Permission To Shop Less

If you're currently engaging with any sort of technology at all, I assume you're also getting inundated with Black Friday ads. From social media advertising to emails, it's not as easy to skip over TV commercials any longer. It's enough to stress anyone out, despite the added pressure of picking the perfect holiday gift. And unless you life under a rock, you've also been hearing about shipping delays across products and sectors. Stressed out yet? You're not the only one.

A simple pledge by you to simply buy less stuff this holiday season could make a world of difference in the world, from giving workers a chance to breathe to improving your own mental health.

“As the noise over global supply chain disruptions crescendos, here’s one idea we should hear more from the news outlets: Let’s all take a step back and buy less stuff. Dialing back consumption for a while could be what the supply chain doctor ordered until everyone across the supply chain is caught up.”

- Leon Kaye


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