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How to Talk To Your Family About Racism

It’s time to get uncomfortable, America. And I don’t just mean from how much you’re going to overeat tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

"As America sits down to give thanks for a country founded on the pain of many, we can't dismiss the irony of what is being celebrated." - Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

It’s time to get uncomfortable and talk about racism. No blowing it off as “not appropriate for the holiday dinner table” or “we’re not racist,” or “let’s focus on love during this season.” Don’t limit yourself to banal small talk. You and your family are capable of having the hard conversations. If not during Thanksgiving surrounded by stuffing and gravy, then when? Make this holiday memorable by making it one where family shared honestly and openly about their personal feelings and experiences?

Don’t know where to start? Rachel Cargle (via Harper's Bazaar) provides you with a place to start. Here’s an excerpt from the article: “Toxic ideologies often start around family dinner tables. It's not just an uncle saying a racist joke, or a grandmother determining her xenophobic ideas as “a part of her time.” These comments seep into how we make decisions in voting booths, how judges rule in their chambers, how teachers guide students in school classrooms, how employment decisions are made, and how police react in high-stakes situations......”

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